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logo-v-rgbUPDATE: No one entered, so no free credits to giveaway. Comments closed.There is ‘new’ old news about WordPress.com displaying ads on users’ blogs. Some people knew about this and others didn’t. The reason some didn’t know about this is because when you are logged in or are a regular reader, you won’t even see the ads. I have yet to see the ads when I tried looking for them. I couldn’t find one.

A lot of people don’t mind, but there are some of you who do mind. I hope you realize that WordPress.com offers you a free service with the option of adding upgrades that is cheaper than if you pay for hosting. Most free services place advertisements to help keep the service free. But most of them are intrusive. The ones on WordPress.com blogs don’t seem to be.

Taken from the WordPress.com blog:

We seemed to have lucked in to a good balance with this approach, and don’t plan to change anything there. (Most of your readers will never see an ad.) As an added bonus the light advertising has allowed us to focus on free features for you guys rather than paid upgrades, and enabled us to invest in infrastructure so your blog is always fast and reliable and never shows a fail whale.

That sounds like a good deal to me! But I do understand if you are completely against ads on your blog.

So, I thought I would help out one lucky person. I’m going to give away 30 credits to one blogger. This will end on October 11, 2008 (in 3 weeks). Please share with anyone who might want a free year of no ads, it could earn you 15 credits.

Follow the instructions below to enter in the giveaway.

  1. Subscribe to the feed. (If you are already subscribed, then you should find the 3 sets of numbers on a new post in the feed.)
  2. Contact me via the contact form with 3 sets of numbers found in the feed and your WordPress.com username.
  3. Leave a comment saying you’ve subscribed and contacted me. (This lets me know that I should have received an e-mail so it doesn’t get lost someplace.)
  4. (Optional) Share this giveaway with a friend and if your friend wins, you will receive 15 credits. Your friend must provide your WordPress.com username in order for you to receive the 15 credits. So be sure to tell your friend to include your username on the contact form.
That’s it! Good luck! On October 11 I will randomly choose one person. Commenting will automatically close on that date.


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