Tumblr and Themes

tumblr-logoAfter having seen the Notepad Chaos WordPress theme by Evan Eckard on Smashing Magazine, I wished I had a blog to use it on. Then I realized I had a Tumblr blog that I was using a plain looking Tumblr theme on and have been wanting to make it look better.

I had never touched the code in Tumblr themes, so I didn’t know if I could port a theme over to Tumblr. Fortunately, it was very easy because the theme author had created a single file that had all of the theme code in it, minus the CSS of course.

The Tumblr code is pretty easy to understand and they provide a useful help page that explains each variable and even includes some page examples.

I did eventually learn that I couldn’t upload images on Tumblr, so I had to upload the images elsewhere and point them to the right location in the code.

Once the theme was ready on Tumblr, others started noticing it. In less than 24 hours, my blog was on the Sweet Themes Tumblr page.

So, if you are tired of the Tumblr themes provided, seek out a theme that wasn’t made for Tumblr and customize it for Tumblr! I’m glad mine doesn’t look like everyone else’s (except for the WordPress blogs using the theme). Here are a few sites that offer Tumblr themes:

  • Tumblr Themes
  • Free Tumblr Themes
  • Custom Tumblr Themes

Interested in a custom Tumblr theme? Check out tumblize.

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