AJAX-Enabled WordPress Themes

AJAX seems to be a very popular feature on websites. I was curious as to how many WordPress themes are AJAX-enabled. Here is a large enough list of themes that have AJAX built-in.

I am not including a preview with these themes, but there will be a link to the demo (if available) and the website for more information and to download the theme.

  1. BloxPress
    • Demo
    • Website
    • Feature(s): Customize layout by dragging blocks.
  2. Ubiquitous
    • Demo (Unavailable)
    • Website
    • Feature(s): AJAX-enabled search.
  3. Giraffe2
    • Demo (Unavailable)
    • Website
    • Feature(s): AJAX comments.
  4. Commodore, Splat, CLI2 and IAK
  5. Unnamed
    • Demo
    • Website
    • Feature(s): AJAX shelf, live comments and preview.
  6. AjaxBerlee
  7. Binary Blue
  8. Lush
  9. Lush Greenz
  10. Durable

This list probably doesn’t include every AJAX enabled theme available, but it is all I could find right now. Also, the themes that begin with ‘ajax’ are modifications of the original themes.

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