Technorati Incoming Links Plugin

There is now an even easier fix than the one that I wrote about before, for the Incoming Links in WordPress. This is a plugin that is supposed to allow you to see the links from Technorati again.

I tested this out, but it didn’t work. I still see the same links as before. I’ve noticed a couple other 2.3 compatible plugins that don’t work with 2.3. At least they don’t appear to work for me. One would be the Recommended Tags.

With the database issues I’ve seen with WordPress because of the upgrade to 2.3, I’m tempted to do a clean install, because it seems as if the upgrade wasn’t very successful.

Anyway, if you want your Incoming Links fixed, download the plugin and hope it works!

Sometime in the near future I will do a clean install of WordPress 2.3.

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