Learning Flash and ActionScript

For my job, I have to learn Flash and ActionScript. I’m slowly learning on my own. To do this, though, I had to watch videos and read books, which I’m not finished with yet. A couple of the books I have focus on animation/interactivity.

If you’re wanting to purchase Flash and ActionScript books, try to go with used books. If you look on Amazon, there are lots of used books being sold, some in really great condition. All of the used books I bought look almost brand new, excluding one which really was brand new at a used price!

Some of the books also come with a CD, so if you want the CD when purchasing new, be sure to read all of the sellers’ comments before buying.

There are some great resources available for learning Flash and ActionScript, online and offline. I thought I would share what books I purchased from Amazon and where to find videos and tutorials for learning.

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