The iRobot Washing Machine

With the first ever PPP Blog Battle Royale, I thought I would give it a try, since all Posties can join in on the challenge. It says to write about our ideal robot.

If I was to create a robot for the company, iRobot, it would be a winner with a lot of mothers who do loads and loads of laundry. Laundry can take quite a long time, even if you aren’t manually washing clothes yourself. My robot would be very popular, because there is none like it!

This robot would be able to move around on its own and sniff out dirty clothes. Okay, that might sound a little disgusting, but it’s not supposed to be. What I mean by this is that it would be able to detect dirty clothes in that they were thrown in a pile on the floor or even in a hamper. Dirty clothes don’t smell clean do they? At least I hope not. Once the robot has found either a pile of clothes or clothes in a hamper, it would sense if they were dirty, by the scent. Then, after gathering clothes inside this vacuum, which allows a lot of clothes to be put into, it then washes the clothes and dries when it’s done.

Just like a washing machine, the robot would have settings for different types of clothes. This is another feature the robot would have; detecting the setting the clothes should be washed at. Gentle, normal, etc.

You might be thinking that this robot would have to be very large to hold a lot of clothes inside of it. Not really. The robot would be similar to Rosie from The Jetsons in that the front there would be a door that opens. Being that a vacuum is used to suck the clothes inside the robot, they would be packed in there, with enough room for the water to wash. The actual look and size of the robot would be like the Jupiter Robot Nanny. Instead of the screen on the Jupiter Robot Nanny, it would be the door and inside would hold all the clothes and water.

For me, the iRobot Washing Machine would make my life a lot easier, because I have two children that use up a lot of clothes in one week. With one of them being only less than three months old, doing laundry can be an every other day task.

It would be very easy to get people hooked. I’d probably go to hospitals, because I’m sure they go through a lot of laundry, unless they throw out the sheets, which would be very costly! I’d also go from door to door to find people who may be interested, especially mothers.

Now I want one! Somebody want to make this?

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