My Desktop Computer Is Wasting My Time

If you have noticed the lack of blog entries from me, you can blame my computer.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my desktop computer wastes a lot of my time. Something goes wrong with the hardware and I have to figure out what is wrong. Is it the hard drive, the RAM, the cable, the motherboard?

On Friday, my computer crashed in the middle of working. I use my laptop and Remote Desktop Connection to access my desktop computer. My laptop can’t handle a lot of software running due to the lack of available memory, so I use RDC to use my desktop computer’s resources instead, with the convenience of sitting wherever I want to. While on the laptop, I noticed read/write errors just popping up and then the Internet disappeared (I use my Nintendo DS WiFi Dongle).

Anyway, there were a lot of read/write errors and Windows wouldn’t start up again, just show blue screens after trying to load. And I couldn’t read the blue screens because they would flash and the computer would restart. Trying to repair the hard drive didn’t work either. Nothing would work. I even tried installing Windows on another hard drive, but there were read/write errors with it. One try even had the setup telling me that there wasn’t enough space on the 80GB (empty) hard drive. That had to be a joke! It said I needed to remove some things from installing, because it required 2211958.7 MB! What!? (I have a picture to prove it.)

Just yesterday I tried removing RAM to see if any of the memory sticks were bad. I have 2.5 GB, and my computer has always been very picky about how they are put in there. Now I cannot even get all three of them to be happy in their original spots. My computer just beeps. So far, only the 512 MB one will go in just fine without me hearing beeps! If I want only 512 MB I will use the laptop!

I have even looked at the book for my motherboard for correct placement of the RAM, but the computer still doesn’t like it. I think when I had upgraded the RAM, everything had to be taken out (video card, etc) before it would take the RAM. How annoying huh?

My computer appears to work okay right now with just the 512 MB in there. But I’m not giving up. If I can only have 512 MB, my computer is dead to me! Over the weekend, I will probably try again.

Anyone else have more problems with desktops than with laptops?

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