Seesmic Desktop: What I Like, What I Don’t Like

First, I’m not a fan of TweetDeck. It’s ugly; my eyes can’t stand white on black. And, it made me feel too overwhelmed. Twitter already has enough information coming through it, I don’t need an application making Twitter harder to follow. Twhirl solved this for me and has everything I need without filling up too much of the... more →
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Multiple Ways to Access Google Reader

Google Reader is a popular web-based feed reader that lacks one feature. A feature I’m sure everyone would love to have available, even if they didn’t use it. To sync with a desktop feed reader. Google seems to be falling behind with this. I stopped using Google Reader for a little while because of it. Now that I found a new... more →
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Remote Access to Home or Office

 is one of my favorite tools in Windows, because it allows me to connect to my desktop computer from my laptop when I don’t want to sit at my desk. But, if I wanted to be away from home, there just isn’t a way for me to access my home computer, unless I set it up differently. Remote access is needed sometimes. This becomes easier... more →
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Back to Microsoft Office Outlook and NewsGator

Outlook Over a couple weekends ago I decided to switch back to Outlook because I missed the features like the calendar and tasks. I know, I can have all that with other programs, but why? I like having just one program open that does almost everything! Another reason I switched is because I hate Thunderbird. Even though it’s the... more →
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