Tip: Fix Gmail IMAP Inbox

Gmail-Errors-On-Mobile-DevicesFor the past couple weeks, I have had an error appear anytime I go to the inbox. It would just prevent me from downloading any new e-mails in the inbox. I didn’t know why it was happening, just figured Gmail was having some problems. After I heard from people that Gmail was working fine for them, I thought it was probably my profile in Thunderbird.

I didn’t get around to cleaning up my profile and just today thought I would look at my Inbox properties. In the General Information tab, there is a button that says Rebuild Index. I’ve never known what this button does, but thought I would just click on it and see what happens.

Do you know what happened? All of my e-mails in my inbox were downloaded from Gmail!

So, if you ever have problems with your inbox (or other folders), try rebuilding the index to repair whatever is broken.

Posted in: Software