Multiple Ways to Access Google Reader

google-reader-Google Reader is a popular web-based feed reader that lacks one feature. A feature I’m sure everyone would love to have available, even if they didn’t use it. To sync with a desktop feed reader. Google seems to be falling behind with this. I stopped using Google Reader for a little while because of it. Now that I found a new way to read feeds on the desktop, I started to use it again. It’s not perfect, but it works.

One way to keep up with feeds is by using your mobile phone. You can access Google Reader on your phone by going to If you have an iPhone, then you would go to

If you use Firefox frequently, you can also set the sidebar to load Google Reader for the iPhone or the plain mobile one. It’s your choice.

Another way that might be my favorite, although needs issues worked out, is a desktop client called ReadAir, which connects to your Google Reader account. It’s not perfect, though. But, I’m sure eventually it could get pretty close. One of the issues only displays 20 items. Even refreshing does not remove the items you’ve marked as read.

Besides a few issues, ReadAir looks really nice and works very well. It’s not slow unlike viewing feeds in Outlook is. Using ReadAir makes me feel like I’m still using Google Reader, even though it’s on the desktop.

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