How to Create a Wish List on iTunes

I use iTunes to find new movies or music, but I have found that I have to add them to the Shopping Cart if I want to go back to them later. That’s probably not actually a good idea, but it worked.

After not hearing from anyone on Twitter about creating a wish list on iTunes, I ended up doing some research and found the solution on the Apple website. It doesn’t make sense that they wouldn’t create a built-in wish list though, but this workaround is better than nothing!Soft Tech Reviews

First, create a new Playlist in the sidebar of iTunes. If you don’t know how to do this, follow these steps:

  1. File > New Playlist (or CTRL + N)
  2. Enter in a name for your wish list (example: Wish List)

Now you have a Wish List using the Playlist feature which allows you to play previews of songs or movies from the iTunes Store.

Go into the iTunes Store and search for that awesome movie or song in the iTunes Store that you want to purchase at a later date. As far as I know, the only way this works is if you have a list appear below the Store. If you find a movie or song you like, just enter it in the search box and a list will appear with all the results. Find the one you are looking for.

After you’ve selected the one you want, just drag it over to your Wish List Playlist in the sidebar and then let go. Then if you click on your Wish List Playlist, you should see what you’ve added to it.

This is not the best solution and I think Apple should add a Wish List feature. But until that day comes, this works.

If you have a better way for adding movies or songs to a Wish List for iTunes, please leave a comment!

UPDATE: I forgot to add one other step. When you’re ready to purchase a song or movie in your Wish List, drag it from your Wish List to your Shopping Cart and it will be ready for you to purchase.

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