Do-It-Yourself PC Kits

Easy As My PC Kits is a company I wish I knew about before getting a new computer recently. Easy As My PC allows you to build your own computer, or even just upgrade the RAM or CPU with a kit.

Build a complete computer with a DIY PC Kit for a very affordable price. Because you are building it yourself, this saves you money, but doesn’t save you time. That’s where the step-by-step instructions come in, which are written in English with plenty of illustrations. It says it can take a few hours to put a kit together, which to me sounds like a good amount of time.

If you run into any problems, you can always contact them for some help. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable putting together a computer, purchasing a DIY PC Kit might not be the answer to saving money on a computer.

I like that you are purchasing known brands, such as Intel, AMD, Western Digital, etc. Even though you are paying less, you know you are getting hardware that you trust along with manufacturer warranties.

It’s very simple to select the type of kit you want, first deciding if you want a basic, business or gaming system. Then, select the level you want and customize it to fit your needs from there. If you are looking to only upgrade, you’ll have to look at the bottom of the site for the link. For upgrading, they ask you to contact them so they can help you get what you’re looking for.

Besides saving a lot of money on a DIY computer, Easy As My PC also offers free shipping. Free shipping to me is very important when buying online. I always want to save money!

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