iTwitter: Best iPhone/iPod Touch Twitter App?

itwitterAfter looking through all of the Twitter apps in the App Store, I had settled on Twitterific because it seemed to offer everything I was looking for and was nice to look at. The only problem is the frequent crashing when scrolling through tweets.

Then along came iTwitter. I noticed it was free and grabbed it to check it out. It was love at first sight. Okay, the looks really had nothing to do with it. I fell in love with the features (e.g. Push Notifications). The UI when viewing tweets could use some improvements!

iTwitter has yet to crash since day one. It does need some more features to be at the top, but I think it could happen since the developer, NibiruTech, has a UserVoice page to see what users are looking for. It shows the developer is listening and wants to improve.

iTwitter was the first Twitter app to include Push Notifications, but this is currently limited to only iTwitter users. I did read a comment by the developer that Push Notifications for all users is being worked on. This is great news!

If iTwitter doesn’t see improvements soon, including Push Notifications for all users, I don’t think many people will switch because they are already comfortable with the app they use and the cost of purchasing a new app, currently at $2.99. Yes, I did say I got the app for free, because it was available for free for a limited time.

iTwitter has a lot of features, including features I haven’t seen in other apps. As long as the developer continues to improve, I think this app could be one of the top apps.

Current Features

  • Push Notifications between iTwitter users.
  • Displays the number of new tweets to read inside the app.
  • Allows multiple Twitter accounts.
  • Save groups and searches.
  • View tweets of people nearby.
  • When writing a new tweet or reply, if you typed some text and cancel, you can go back and the text will be there. Some people might find that annoying, but I don’t. This is the best feature!
  • Shows the original tweet below the reply.
  • If there is a link or a Twitter user (@name), when you touch the tweet, options will be displayed that allow you to reply, retweet, favorite or visit the link in the built-in browser or visit the Twitter user’s ‘profile’.
  • Touching a Twitter user’s picture will display a few options and a short summary of their info. From here, you can follow or unfollow and send a direct message. Touch outside of the box and will disappear.
  • Delete all read tweets.
  • Mark all tweets as read.
  • View users you are following or those who are following you.
  • Landscape keyboard and in-line browser.
  • Customize the user home screen by moving around groups, saved searches, etc.
  • Cached tweets so everything loads faster.

Features I Would Like

  • Automatic refreshing of tweets so I don’t have to manually refresh. Option to change the intervals of regular tweets, replies and direct messages are needed.
  • Push Notification needs to work with all users, regardless of which app they are using. Because again, some people aren’t going to switch if they are happy with the one they have, which makes iTwitter users unhappy and more likely to switch to another Push Notification supporting app when one becomes available.
  • Push Notifications need to display who sent the reply or direct message. Option to change whether you want to see just who sent it, who sent it and the tweet, just the tweet, or just that you received a reply or direct message.
  • Remove the chat bubbles  for each tweet and just put the tweets in plain boxes, similar to Twitterific and TweetDeck. I am not a fan of the chat bubbles and they take up too much space. I would like to see more tweets in a view.
  • Option to view read or unread tweets. Currently, if I read about half of them and still have the rest to read but I go to another screen and then I come back, I have to look at all the tweets I have read before I can view the unread ones.
  • The app icon should display the number of new replies and direct messages that were just pushed.
  • Include trending topics. Not really an important feature for me, since I don’t really care about trending topics, but a lot of people seem to.
  • Replies and direct messages need their own color to separate them from regular tweets. Would be even more awesome if re-tweets could also have their own color.
  • Listing of followers and following is really slow. Should be cached and updated every so often.
  • List of followers needs to be fixed to allow me to view more. It currently only allows me to view around 65+.

Did you try iTwitter? If so, are you still using it?

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