Convert Documents with Universal Document Converter

With some of the work I do, I sometimes have to look at long Word and PDF documents and then have to pull out images. It can sometimes take a while to find the images I need if I don’t know what pages in the document they are located on. If I could view thumbnails of each page, then I could easily find out which pages they are... more →
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How to Create a Wish List on iTunes

I use iTunes to find new movies or music, but I have found that I have to add them to the Shopping Cart if I want to go back to them later. That’s probably not actually a good idea, but it worked. After not hearing from anyone on Twitter about creating a wish list on iTunes, I ended up doing some research and found the solution... more →
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How to Load Animated Flash Header One Time During the Session

fter a client had made a request for a Flash header to not animate every time a new page is loaded, I needed to figure out how to do this. Not for this one request, but for any future requests. I have previously looked this up, but came up empty. It seemed there was one solution, but it really wasn’t the greatest, because when... more →
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A Must Buy Game: Spore

I’ve been waiting for this moment. Okay, the moment isn’t here yet, but it’s very close! Spore is going to be released soon and is available for pre-ordering. Or you can wait to purchase it when it’s available on September 7, 2008. I really wouldn’t wait if I was you. Pre-order now before there’s a long wait! There will... more →
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Multiple Ways to Access Google Reader

Google Reader is a popular web-based feed reader that lacks one feature. A feature I’m sure everyone would love to have available, even if they didn’t use it. To sync with a desktop feed reader. Google seems to be falling behind with this. I stopped using Google Reader for a little while because of it. Now that I found a new... more →
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Remote Access to Home or Office

 is one of my favorite tools in Windows, because it allows me to connect to my desktop computer from my laptop when I don’t want to sit at my desk. But, if I wanted to be away from home, there just isn’t a way for me to access my home computer, unless I set it up differently. Remote access is needed sometimes. This becomes easier... more →
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Learning Flash and ActionScript

For my job, I have to learn Flash and ActionScript. I’m slowly learning on my own. To do this, though, I had to watch videos and read books, which I’m not finished with yet. A couple of the books I have focus on animation/interactivity. If you’re wanting to purchase Flash and ActionScript books, try to go with used books. If... more →
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Back to Microsoft Office Outlook and NewsGator

Outlook Over a couple weekends ago I decided to switch back to Outlook because I missed the features like the calendar and tasks. I know, I can have all that with other programs, but why? I like having just one program open that does almost everything! Another reason I switched is because I hate Thunderbird. Even though it’s the... more →
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Do-It-Yourself PC Kits

Easy As My PC Kits is a company I wish I knew about before getting a new computer recently. Easy As My PC allows you to build your own computer, or even just upgrade the RAM or CPU with a kit. Build a complete computer with a DIY PC Kit for a very affordable price. Because you are building it yourself, this saves you money, but doesn’t... more →
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Make Windows Vista Appear Faster

There are some things you can do to make Windows Vista seem a little faster without upgrading the RAM. Usually there are visual effects that are enabled by default that don’t need to be for Vista to function. I disabled them in XP and now finally decided to do the same in Vista, just to see a small improvement. Some of you may... more →
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