Marketing Trend: Voice Messaging

A great way to market your product or service is through voice messaging, using Voice over IP technology. Vontoo voice messaging makes it easy to create, send and track voice messages. Vontoo is the first permission-based, on-demand voice messaging system. It’s not required to purchase software or hardware to use this technology.

There are benefits from using voice messaging instead of the traditional snail mail, which can become very costly and e-mail that just doesn’t quite get the message across with the expected results.

While email is useful for delivering information, its text and images simply cannot convey energy, emotion or enthusiasm. The human voice carries a more meaningful, compelling message.

Being permission-based allows people to hear messages they want to hear through an opt-in/opt-out registration. This opt-in/opt-out feature ensures full compliance with national and local Do-Not-Call regulations. The messages can be delivered in just minutes and tracked, allowing you to see how effective the messages are. Tracking is necessary, because knowing what works and what doesn’t is important when marketing your product or service. Vontoo allows you to find out how long a voice message was listened to and what calls have reached actual people.

People have had success through using Vontoo voice messaging, including the Boston Celtics. Their goal was to increase season ticket renewals. They sent messages featuring favorite players which resulted in more than $30,000 in sales. The use of voice messaging helped increase ticket sales. Adding players from the team to the messages also helped a lot with the sales, because it gave the message something more familiar to the recipients.

Based on reading the success stories, I think Vontoo works very well and the tracking system makes it very easy to learn how people react to the messages.

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