Financial Social Network

There’s a new social network in town. is for those of us who like to invest our money. This social network allows you to exchange ideas with other members, learn what you need to know regarding investing and also trade virtual money with real stock!

One feature I like that has is the watch list for watching stock. Not just that I can view my own watch list, but if I view someone’s profile, I can see what they are watching as well. Members can also see other profiles that are watching the same symbols, which can help you make friends with the same interests as yours.

I’ve used Sharebuilder to do some investing, but never really know which stock would be the best to invest in and how much I should invest. I end up doing a lot of research online and going with opinions from people I don’t even know who may have written the article weeks before I read it. This makes perfect. Let friends help you make those important financial decisions. It can be very hard to learn the best way of investing, what to invest in and how much. This can result in lots of money lost if you don’t know when to invest, too.

Check out and see how easy it is to create a profile for yourself and find friends to help you out with choosing the right stock. Also, join to play the Rookie Challenge for a chance to win money!

Besides getting help for yourself, you can also help out others if you have any tips to share with other people who are looking to invest!

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