Choose the Right Web Host for You

Finding out which provider is better for what you want can be hard until you’ve done some research. That can be very time consuming, right? I know I spent a lot of time thinking about switching from GoDaddy to another provider and wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with HostRocket because I didn’t really have issues with GoDaddy,... more →
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Write or Draw on Your Desktop Using Your Cursor

I was just thinking how great it could be, instead of having a Vista note gadget on my desktop, if I could just write on the desktop with the cursor. I had never heard of any application that allowed this, so I tried searching in Google and came across two of them. They aren’t exactly what I’m looking for. The first one is called... more →
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My New Computer

I know I’ve been slacking with new posts, but I’ve been getting used to my new computer and setting it up how I like. I’ve also had more work to keep me busy. My new computer has an AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.6GHz Dual-Core Processor with 2GB of RAM. It is also running Windows Vista Home Premium. Please do not leave comments about... more →
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Technorati Incoming Links Plugin

There is now an even easier fix than the one that I wrote about before, for the Incoming Links in WordPress. This is a plugin that is supposed to allow you to see the links from Technorati again. I tested this out, but it didn’t work. I still see the same links as before. I’ve noticed a couple other 2.3 compatible plugins that... more →
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Happy Birthday Google!

I wish Google a very happy 9th birthday and many more! If it wasn’t for Google, I probably wouldn’t receive the amount of traffic that I do. Google brings more visitors here than any other search engine. Yahoo is second. But, who cares about Yahoo, it’s not Yahoo’s birthday! Google is growing larger and larger every year.... more →
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Marketing Trend: Voice Messaging

A great way to market your product or service is through voice messaging, using Voice over IP technology. Vontoo voice messaging makes it easy to create, send and track voice messages. Vontoo is the first permission-based, on-demand voice messaging system. It’s not required to purchase software or hardware to use this technology. There... more →
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My Desktop Computer Is Wasting My Time

If you have noticed the lack of blog entries from me, you can blame my computer. I don’t know about anyone else, but my desktop computer wastes a lot of my time. Something goes wrong with the hardware and I have to figure out what is wrong. Is it the hard drive, the RAM, the cable, the motherboard? On Friday, my computer crashed... more →
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Financial Social Network

There’s a new social network in town. is for those of us who like to invest our money. This social network allows you to exchange ideas with other members, learn what you need to know regarding investing and also trade virtual money with real stock! One feature I like that has is the watch... more →
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Anniversary Prize Giveaway Worth Over $4,000!

David Airey, an Irish designer is giving away over $4,000 of prizes in celebration of his graphic design blog’s one year anniversary. Go check out this logo designer’s site. This is one giveaway you shouldn’t pass up. Continue reading to see just some of the prizes being given away for free! For the Gold A custom logo by David... more →
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The iRobot Washing Machine

With the first ever PPP Blog Battle Royale, I thought I would give it a try, since all Posties can join in on the challenge. It says to write about our ideal robot. If I was to create a robot for the company, iRobot, it would be a winner with a lot of mothers who do loads and loads of laundry. Laundry can take quite a long time,... more →
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