Flickr’s Own iPhone/iPod Touch App

I’m not sure what took Yahoo! so long to release their own app. This app was a surprise to me as I haven’t had much time to pay attention to anything going on, so I don’t know if this was news that shocked everyone else or just me. This was a good surprise though! I grabbed the app the day it was released. The Flickr app really... more →
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iTwitter: Best iPhone/iPod Touch Twitter App?

After looking through all of the Twitter apps in the App Store, I had settled on Twitterific because it seemed to offer everything I was looking for and was nice to look at. The only problem is the frequent crashing when scrolling through tweets. Then along came iTwitter. I noticed it was free and grabbed it to check it out. It was... more →
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Seesmic Desktop: What I Like, What I Don’t Like

First, I’m not a fan of TweetDeck. It’s ugly; my eyes can’t stand white on black. And, it made me feel too overwhelmed. Twitter already has enough information coming through it, I don’t need an application making Twitter harder to follow. Twhirl solved this for me and has everything I need without filling up too much of the... more →
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New Host, New Look, Fresh Install

I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to move this site over to a new host and have finally done it. Although, it’s missing things like some comments and doesn’t display the correct amount of comments either. The reason I had so many troubles is that the database had duplicate stuff in it, somehow. So when I tried to import... more →
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UPDATED: Notepad Chaos Tumblr Theme

UPDATE: I have updated this theme (download link at bottom of post). Please read all instructions and comments below before asking for help. See changes in the list below: More comments in the code to make it easier for those of you having trouble looking through the code. Removed references to Pownce since it is no longer... more →
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PerfectDisk 2008 Professional Worth a Try

Having been a huge fan of Diskeeper for years, it was very hard to try another software because I was always comparing to Diskeeper. I had purchased Diskeeper and then switched over to 64-bit Vista and couldn’t run the Home version that I had purchased. I wasn’t about ready to spend even more money to buy the version that supported... more →
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Windows Vista Hidden Applications

A while back I had found out that Vista comes with a Snipping Tool. If you’re like me, you don’t browse the Accessories folder very often, so these are considered hidden for some! I just found out there are more applications from a search for note in the Start Menu, which revealed Sticky Notes and is installed if you enable the... more →
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UPDATE: No one entered, so no free credits to giveaway. Comments closed.There is ‘new’ old news about displaying ads on users’ blogs. Some people knew about this and others didn’t. The reason some didn’t know about this is because when you are logged in or are a regular reader, you won’t even see the ads.... more →
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Tip: Fix Gmail IMAP Inbox

For the past couple weeks, I have had an error appear anytime I go to the inbox. It would just prevent me from downloading any new e-mails in the inbox. I didn’t know why it was happening, just figured Gmail was having some problems. After I heard from people that Gmail was working fine for them, I thought it was probably my profile... more →
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Tumblr and Themes

After having seen the Notepad Chaos WordPress theme by Evan Eckard on Smashing Magazine, I wished I had a blog to use it on. Then I realized I had a Tumblr blog that I was using a plain looking Tumblr theme on and have been wanting to make it look better. I had never touched the code in Tumblr themes, so I didn’t know if I could... more →
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